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The Pomahaka Water Care Group is a farmer-led group located in South West Otago. Formed in 2014, to address and improve water quality, the Group now has over 180 members.

Pomahaka Water Care Group


Our aim is for the Pomahaka River to be recognized as having the absolute highest water quality so that future generations can enjoy the river as we have.


  • Profitable, sustainable agriculture thriving together alongside local business, recreation and tourism.

  • A pristine environment to swim, play and fish in.

  • Healthy ecosystems for fish life.

  • Educate via encouragement rather than enforcement.


  • Promote and grow a strong stand alone water care group.

  • Know what is in our waterways (group testing).

  • Know what your business is contributing (discharge testing).

  • Improve awareness by building knowledge so best practice becomes normal practice.

  • Encourage everyone in the community to work alongside stakeholders and iwi to achieve the vision.

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